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The office of the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has published its review of the collapse and made recommendations
Scott Lisman and Thomas Scott have joined the bank to run the group
Year over year housing prices are well over $400,000, an increase of about two percent from last year at this time
Insurance company Fairfax and investment manager Kennedy Wilson take on loan portfolio
The Federal Reserve has had to weigh multiple economic concerns throughout the first five months of 2023
The Pennsylvania bank incurred heavy losses in Q1, partly as a result of the collapse of Signature Bank
The United States housing market peaked in June of 2022, but then declined by almost 5% in the second half of the year
It was the third straight week that mortgage demand grew
In separate initiatives, the ABA and CFPB are seeking to add to consumer protection measures related to mortgage lending
Aside from rising interest rates, experts are siting other factors when it comes to the real estate
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