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$37.4 billion worth of M&A deals completed in Q4 brings FY2019 total to $87.2 billion – 1.8 times more than previous year
Global digital payments will total $6.7 trillion by 2023, with the US and China expected to dominate peer-to-peer and point-of-sale sectors
Credit card late payments fell but auto, home and personal loans all saw delinquencies rise in Q3
Citigroup yields much of its retail banking revenue from its credit cards and enjoyed double digit gains year over year
Plaid is a payments network that enables users to connect their financial accounts to third-party mobile applications
Banking customers will increasingly choose convenience over risk
Fintechs often fulfill a need that their own product offerings cannot
The new initiative could transform the efficiency of wholesale financing in the auto industry
Opening checking accounts for customers through Google Pay
Allegation that the Apple Card provided husband a credit limit several times higher than his wife’s credit limit
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