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Fewer cash payments and more use of cards is the broad trend — and there’s little evidence that mobile payments are catching on yet
The ABA and ICBA have criticized plans to limit late fees on credit cards, which the CFPB believes will slash costs to consumers by $9 billion
Report by Oliver Wyman details how banks can deal a ‘body blow’ to online fraud
The Omaha bank is leveraging financial technology to streamline business banking services
The payments company is running a pilot project with blockchain group Paxos
Finastra and Larky have agreed to a partnership in order to provide enhanced mobile banking solutions for its customers
Groups including the ABA and ICBA have attacked a plan to attach the credit card bill to a major defense reform bill
Several new research papers have set out the expected growth of online, digital and other alternative payment methods
Banking associations have voiced strong opposition to House and Senate bills that aim to break Visa and Mastercard’s dominance
The bureau will investigate “excessive” profitability from late fees that cost customers $12 billion a year
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