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Bitcoin was first seen as an obscure digital currency born from the 2008 financial crisis. In 2021, it’s viewed as digital gold.
Visa Inc. announced that its payment network will use a “stable coin” that will be backed by the United States dollar
Development comes amid controversy over new digital banking licenses
‘Knowledgeable and forward-thinking’ regulators praised for work on digital assets banking
OCC conditionally approves the conversion as Anchorage co-founders hail “major milestone” for crypto industry
The OCC says banks and savings associations can participate in crypto transactions and engage with blockchain networks
The digital currency rose to over $15,000 on Thursday marking its highest price since the beginning of 2018
The digital evolution of banking in a post-COVID environment
National banks and federal savings associations can be crypto-custodians, says the OCC
Decentralized finance (“DeFi") has grown from a blockchain-based FinTech sandbox into a complex array of platforms through which borrowers, lenders and investors can undertake bank-like transactions without banks
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