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Most Customers Use Mobile Banking Apps to Manage Accounts

Only 9% of Americans choose to go into a bank branch

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Most Customers Use Mobile Banking Apps to Manage Accounts

Half of Americans prefer managing their bank accounts with mobile apps over any other method, according to a survey for the American Bankers Association (ABA).

The survey found 48% of bank customers use apps on phones or other mobile devices as their main way of managing their bank account.

This was followed by 23% who use online banking the most, and just 9% that prefer going into a bank branch.

The least popular methods include ATMs (8%), telephone calls (5%) and mail (2%).

Brooke Ybarra, ABA’s senior vice president of innovation strategy, said: “Mobile banking use accelerated during the pandemic and has only grown in the years since as people continue to enjoy the convenience of banking on the go.”

Mobile apps were the most popular method across multiple generations, with more than half of Gen Z (57%), Millennials (60%) and Gen X (52%) using them most often.

Among Baby Boomers, the results were more varied, with online banking being the most popular for the age group. It was closely followed by mobile banking apps, with 39% of Baby Boomers preferring online banking compared to 31% that preferred to use an app.

One in six Baby Boomers (16%) visit bank branches the most often, while only 4% of Gen Z and Millennials prefer to visit a branch.

A survey by market research company Ipsos recently found banking apps were a popular resource for financial advice, with 60% of Americans saying tools and tips on their digital banking app have helped them make financial progress.

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