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Top Colleges Are Offering Crypto and Blockchain Classes: Should Your Bank?

This training could be a draw to both present and future employees

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Top Colleges Are Offering Crypto and Blockchain Classes: Should Your Bank?

According to a study by Coinbase, most of the top universities in the United States are offering crypto and blockchain classes. The percentage of classes is increasing steadily year over year, and student demand is only going up.

Student interest went up 6 percent between the 2018 and the 2019 survey. About 18 percent of those surveyed had taken a block chain or crypto class at some point during college.

Additionally, the classes are going outside of computer science classes and are now in economics, finance, general business and engineering departments. Over 8 percent of the classes are even being offered within the humanities. Fully 70 percent of all classes are held outside of computer science, according to the survey.

The interest goes beyond traditional majors focused on investments and technology.

While the number of top universities offering classes is slightly over 50 percent, more than eighty percent of the top universities in the United States have student clubs focused on the topic with participants spanning almost every major field of study. The clubs are eager to invite speakers from the business world to come and speak about the potential effects on currency and the broader economy.

While banks may be skeptical when it comes to the future of crypto currency and how it effects the banking industry, executives looking to retain and recruit young talent should take note of the interest in the field of study.

If a bank offers training and development focused on this part of the sector, it could be a draw to both present and future employees. Perhaps even more importantly, an educated workforce equipped to speak on the topic at even the highest management level will be important in communicating to key clients.

Classes or sessions do not have to take a positive view of the future of Bitcoin or Libra, or even the technology behind crypto, in order to be effective or to draw intrigue. The topic can be a great platform for young talent to understand how important a healthy banking system is to society, and the monetary system is likely forever linked to the banking industry.

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