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Risk Management

39% of citizens would take out a new loan, while just 11% would consult a debt professional
Several groups have voiced concerns over the potential risks of crypto-assets as buzz around them grows
Generation Z has become the center of much attention and discussion among banking leaders
The Shared National Credit Review finds modest improvement in credit risk for large syndicated loans in 2021
2022 tests allow for continued Covid-19 uncertainty and knock-on asset price volatility
This week, the major indexes and in particular bank stocks started to come roaring back from the month of January
As we move into 2022, cryptocurrency and digital wallets will become even more attractive targets for the bad guys
Ratings agency has revised upwards its “negative” rating issued during the Covid-19 pandemic
Bank has created risk management policies to prevent recurrence says Moody’s
Over three quarters of community banks did not close a single branch, Wipfli survey reveals
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Webinar: Card Based Faster Payments in Today’s Digital Economy

Time/Date: June 28, 2022, at 2:00 ET

Consumers and businesses want instant gratification and the ability to move money in just minutes. From payroll to P2P to insurance benefits, demand is rising for instant disbursement. However, there are pain points in the current money movement ecosystem, and to address them, financial institutions need a payments strategy that addresses the dramatic rise in faster payments.

In this Banking Exchange hosted webinar on June 28, 2022, at 2:00 ET, Jaspreet Singh, Head of A2A/P2P Commercialization, Visa Direct at Visa Direct, and Al Griffin, Product Manager at Alacriti, discuss:


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