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An essential part of using better data to grow commercial loan portfolios includes finding new sub-sectors and businesses to support

Fed chair Jerome Powell says a recession is not inevitable, but bank executives disagree

The UK consumer price index has hit 9.4%, the highest rate seen since 1982

Federal Reserve Board’s Senior Financial Officer Survey indicates DLT and crypto-related products do not have large effects on liquidity management

Goldman Sachs beat second quarter earnings expectations and set the tone for a potentially optimistic week for Banking stocks

Profit declined by 28% for second quarter for America’s largest bank while earning was 12 cents short of most analyst expectations

Esther George has warned these could create strains and undermine the Fed’s ability to deliver on the higher path of rates communicated

Almost 60% of retail bank customers in Canada are classified as financially unhealthy, yet banks are falling short on supporting them to make improvements

Together with new technology and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, there has been a marked change in customer behavior

Results mean banks could continue lending households and businesses in a recession

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