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JPMorgan has invested over $430 billion in fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement

Banks' lending to livestock resulted in 63.1 million metric tons of CO2e

The transition will be at the core of ABP’s infrastructure allocation in 2024

Claims the plans will create unnecessary burdens on business and confuse investors

Plus: VanEck targets US sustainable infrastructure with ETF launch

Citi joins with European banks to improve carbon disclosure related to steel production

The two big questions institutions must answer to do well from doing good

59% of banks attending the ON Climate Consortium have already begun plans to mitigate climate risk in their commercial loan book

$400 million investment will help Xpansiv platform support companies pursuing environmental and emissions reduction goals

The world’s largest asset manager is seeking to make an impact on the energy transition

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Join us to learn more about leveraging technology in Hawthorn River to support your lending process and its regulatory compliance. From 1071, TRID, HMDA, CRA and more in the sea of regulatory acronyms, our end-to-end loan origination solution creates efficiency for financial institutions.

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