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Harbor Capital Advisors preparing energy transition ETF

The Energy Transition Strategy ETF will track the performance of the Quantix Energy Transition Index

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Harbor Capital Advisors preparing energy transition ETF

Harbor Capital Advisors is preparing to launch an ETF capitalizing on the energy transition theme.

The Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF (RENW) has been developed with Quantix Commodities Indices.

This strategy will track the performance of the Quantix Energy Transition Index before fees and expenses.

The Quantix Energy Transition Index is comprised of companies offering investors access to energy transition.

These are defined as companies accelerating society’s transition from carbon-intensive energy sources to less carbon intensive sources of energy, using commodity futures.

Commodity futures that provide exposure to the energy transition theme are considered component candidates for inclusion in the Index, according to Harbor.

The commodities that comprise the Index serve one of the three purposes associated with the theme.

This includes being used to construct the new energy infrastructure, such as silver; “bridge fuels” that are less carbon-intensive and will provide energy between now and the net-zero state; or they incentivize investment in the new energy infrastructure.

Harbor now has a suite of eight ETFs with additional offerings in the commodity, equity, fixed income, and thematic categories.

Harbo Capital Advisors president and CIO Kristof Gleich commented: “The world is undergoing a dramatic energy regime shift that has only been accelerated by recent events. We believe this will be one of the most significant macro themes in the financial markets for the next several decades.”

Quantix founding partner and CIO Don added: “The investment in infrastructure required to build a new energy system is massive, and it will fundamentally change the commodities landscape. The Quantix Energy Transition index offers exposure for investors seeking to capture this evolutionary theme.”

Commodities have increasingly become a focus for investors capitalizing on energy transition and sustainability.

This recently led to Blackstone to make a $400 million investment in Xpansiv, a global carbon and environmental commodities exchange platform.

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