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John Szold

John Szold

John Szold is the CEO of Planning for Succession Inc. He can be reached at 800-487-0395 or [email protected]

Series conclusion: It all comes down to one secret
Part 11: Do it right to get it right
Part 10: Look ahead—far ahead—and you won’t face crises
Succession Part 9: H.R. Committee struggles for solution
Part 8: CFO’s exit without succession plan triggers jitters
Part 7: HR’s usurping succession cost CFO his early retirement
Part 6: You don’t have to bet on just one number
Part 5: Maybe—or maybe not. What are you really looking for?
Part 4 of series: Hasty gambles follow failures to talk about succession in time
Third of series: Boards must pin down the CEO first
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