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JP Morgan’s Profit and What It Means for Banks

JP Morgan reported $13.15 billion in profit last week

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Jamie Dimon Jamie Dimon

JP Morgan reported $13.15 billion in profit last week, approximately 35% higher than the year before. Revenue topped more than $40 billion thanks to interest income that busted through analyst expectations.

Jamie Dimon cautioned that it was earning more than its share due to net interest income that will not be sustainable. The nation’s largest bank did better than most regional banks in terms of forecasting higher interest rates and was not caught with low interest investments.

In fact, the bank warned that interest rates may climb even higher in the months to come if the labor market continues to tighten. The bank also sighted global instability with the war in Ukraine and the attacks on Israel as reasons for caution.

As reported by Banking Exchange early last week, the 10 year Treasury yield increased by almost 75 basis points in the third quarter, one of the key indicators of where rates are going. Bonds owned by banks have fallen in value even as banks are forced to pay higher yields for deposits.

JP Morgan stock has grown more than 8% in 2023 whereas major banking indexes have fallen by 18%.

Yet Dimon’s outlook is still very cautious even for the nation’s largest banks due to economic and political uncertainty. Dimon wrote, “Now may be the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades.”

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