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On-Demand Webinar — CSI: Cybersecurity Scene Investigation

Get a "behind the scenes" look at how to protect your organization

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CSI Cybersecurity

Join this fast-paced episode about a team of highly skilled investigators trained to fight cybersecurity crimes by monitoring activity and examining the evidence. Get a “behind the scenes” look at how to protect your organization, members, data and reputation.

In this webinar, James Mathis, Manager, Network and Security Operations, CSI and Stephen Smith, Director of Network & Security, CSI, will demonstrate prevalent forms of cyberattacks and discuss steps to take to prevent and minimize the impact of these situations:

You will leave this session with a better understanding of and appreciation for these critical components:

Please note: All registrants will receive a copy of the webinar playback.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Director Network & Security Operations

Stephen G. Smith has more than 24 years of Information Technology experience in the areas of Systems Management, Information Security and Compliance. Prior to joining CSI, Stephen worked for more than a decade as the IT Security and Compliance officer for a civilian U.S. Department of Defense & NATO contractor in the field of distributed logistics databases. Stephen has been with CSI since 2009 and is currently serving clients as the Director of Network & Security Operations out of the CSI Managed Services group.

James Mathis
James Mathis
Manager — Network & Security Operations TG Internal Security

James Mathis has been involved with the Information Technology industry for over 12 years. James has performed work in areas such as Desktop Administration, Network Administration, Server Administration, and Network Security. Before working for CSI, James performed IT Security Assessments for multiple Government Agencies. James began his journey with CSI in 2018 and currently works for the Technology Group as a Manager of Network & Security Operations.

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