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Small lenders have seen their balance sheets expand rapidly this year, but will get a temporary reprieve from new reporting requirements
This year the levels of uncertainly are exponentially higher
Politicians cannot agree on a stimulus package to help American businesses and workers get through the winter
Cogent Bank execs spoke to Banking Exchange about how they have navigated the huge challenges of this year
The association has congratulated the President-Elect after the result was called by most major news sources over the weekend
US customers are happy with their banks’ performance through the pandemic, despite just 36% being aware of support services
This offers some relief to PPP borrowers seeking to transfer some or all of their businesses through an equity or asset sale
The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for positive change such as the shift towards digitization and cashless payments or ecommerce, which in the long run may benefit Small and…
The frenetic pace of credit requests serves as a reminder to keep fairness central to all types of lending
The banking sector has successfully navigated the immediate pressures of the COVID-19 crisis
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