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Paul Schaus

Paul Schaus

Paul Schaus is CEO & President at CCG Catalyst. Follow CCG Catalyst on Twitter and LinkedIn.

E-commerce growth and decline of cash may usher in new small business lending competition
Lull in venture capital investment volume creates limited-time opportunity for banks of all sizes
3 key picks can make your bank’s mobile solution the one customers repeatedly tap for service
It hasn’t been your grandfather’s mortgage world for some time
In fintech age, M&A just to become bigger may not answer. You need focus
Find a partner and your small bank doesn’t have to miss out on fintech disruption
Part 4: Digitalization of commercial side a when, not an if
Part 3: Millennials love automated advice, so traditional wealth managers must react to robots’ gains
Part 2: Banks will become invisible back-end providers for third-party wallets if they don’t offer competing mobile payments solutions.
Are banks or “disruptors” better placed to win consumer hearts and wallets?
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