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Survey by Harris Poll and Google Cloud reveals global take-up of cloud computing technology
Fintech addition will strength Visa’s foreign exchange facilities
Within this adversity lies an opportunity for banks to revamp their call centers and retain customers
The proliferation of COVID-19 related threats has made cybersecurity a top concern for financial institutions in 2021
OneSpan, one of the leaders in Financial Technology, released its 2021 Security and Fintech Predictions
How process automation is modernizing banking and improving CX
Faster decision-making processes and better internal governance structures have allowed banks to roll out new tech quicker
Software for the digitization of banking services will be worth $9 billion by 2026, research has shown
They’re enabling exciting new business initiatives that will help them increase revenue, enhance customer service quality and streamline service delivery
Cloud technology has the banking sector firmly in its sights, and the industry can no longer ignore the opportunity
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