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Apiture and Alacriti Launch Digital Loan Payment Solution for Banks and Credit Unions

Platform will allow Apiture clients to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention, as well as streamline payment processing

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Apiture and Alacriti Launch Digital Loan Payment Solution for Banks and Credit Unions

Digital banking solutions specialist, Apiture, has partnered with Alacriti to launch a digital loan payment platform.

Through an integration with Alacriti’s Orbipay platform, Apiture Xpress clients can offer its customers and members to make loan payments via their preferred channels, methods, and frequency.

The platform, which is built on Amazon web services, will allow customers to make payments via mobile, web IVR, guest pay, chat and by ACH, debit, cash, and check. Users can also select the option of one-time recuring, or automatic payments.

Banks and credit unions using Apiture Xpress can also integrate a brand-customized portal where customers and members can view, schedule, and manage their payment transactions.

Chris Babcock, CEO of Apiture, said: "Both Apiture and Alacriti share a passion for transforming outdated, manual processes to provide customers with the improved digital experiences they expect in both their business and personal lives."

Demand for agile money management solutions is increasingly critical to consumers and providers. According to the Speed of Money report, sponsored by Alacriti, 21% of respondents reported that they have abandoned a financial transaction because it would take too long.

Manish Gurukula, CEO of Alacriti, said: "Given the shared vision we have with Apiture to bring innovative digital money movement solutions to credit unions and banks, and the volume of relationships they hold in the industry, this partnership was an easy choice.”

Recently, Apiture also partnered with Glia to launch Apiture Xpress live which gives clients access to enhanced chat functions, video and voice banking and screen sharing to communicate with customers.

In 2020, Alacriti also announced a partnership with Glia to launch its payments-focused AI chatbot: Ella.

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