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Chicago AI Week Spotlights Inspiring Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Women have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence

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Chicago AI Week Spotlights Inspiring Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Chicago AI Week is proud to spotlight the remarkable achievements of women in artificial intelligence, emphasizing their significant contributions to the field. Organized by AI2030, a member-based initiative dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of AI for humanity's benefit, this event focuses on Responsible AI, AI for All, and AI for Good.

As part of AI2030’s commitment to bridging awareness, talent, and resource gaps, the "Women in AI Leadership" Award was initiated to honor female leaders who are driving AI innovation across various sectors.

Recognizing Women's Contributions to AI

Women have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence, driving advancements and innovations that have profound impacts on industries worldwide. However, women's leadership in AI is often under-recognized and under-celebrated. The "Women in AI Leadership"  Award aims to address this gap by highlighting the essential contributions and groundbreaking work of female leaders in AI and inspiring more women to take on leadership roles, fostering a more diverse and equitable technological landscape.

Soft Launching the Initiative

On International Women's Day 2024, they announced the soft launch of the "Women in AI Leadership" Award. With over 170 nominations received, the response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Leveraging Chicago AI Week to celebrate the trailblazing women in AI underscores our dedication to responsible innovation and SDG 5: Gender Equality. This Award is not just about recognition; it's about igniting a movement to harness global resources for the long-term growth and leadership of women in AI." said Xiaochen Zhang, Chief Responsible AI Officer, AI2030; Producer, Chicago AI Week.

Chicago AI Week: Celebrating Women Thought Leaders

At Chicago AI Week, an extraordinary group of women thought leaders and business executives will come together to share their insights and experiences. The event will culminate in the Women in AI Leadership Award Gala on June 26, celebrating the accomplishments of women in AI leadership.

“Technology is usually defined as the use of scientific methods to solve problems to improve life via practical products and services, it is therefore critical that these products and services are designed, developed and tested to solve problems and improve life for EVERYONE. To me, it is less about women needing to be in AI and technology leadership roles, and more about these emerging AI products that will really need women and minority representation at all levels and roles. It pains me that in 2024 I still hear the statement, “I am the only female at the table or in the room”. I sincerely hope to see this sentiment become obsolete in coming years with diverse perspectives and voices actively engaged in shaping the AI product and innovation trajectory globally.” remarked Meghna Sinha, Vice President, AI Center, Verizon

"As we approach a time of great potential and change, AI will augment everything we do. It will create job opportunities, aid in decision-making, and take on increasingly complex tasks. The design choices we make now will decide if AI will empower or marginalize women. By committing to ethical AI practices and inclusive education, we can ensure that women's perspectives are integral to the AI revolution." added Cathy Cobey, Global Responsible AI Co-Lead, Ernst & Young LLP

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