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The Comprehensive Marketing Compliance Checklist for 2024

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Compliance Checklist for 2024

Protect your organization from costly Do Not Call and TCPA violation fines and prevent damage to your brand reputation this year.

When considering your business outlook for 2024, have you accounted for the laundry list of ever-changing marketing compliance regulations that your sales organization must follow to avoid costly fines and penalties?

At a time when customer experience and consumer trust has never been more integral to the success of a business, the consequence of contacting a consumer without consent or in violation of a Do Not Call (DNC) list requirement can be detrimental. Not to mention the costly DNC and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations at the expense of your revenue and brand reputation.

Have you considered that you’re at risk of violations — $500 to $1,500 per dial — and diminishing consumer trust if you have not safeguarded your organization with the following compliance checklist?


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