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ESGSignals® Methane Emissions Study

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Within the theme of ESG, environmental impact & climate-related physical risk is top of mind for global investors. Mike Bloomberg, Chair of TCFD, recently stressed the need for better-informed capital allocation: “The more companies know about their internal risks and opportunities related to climate change, and the more information investors have, the better we’ll be able to allocate resources and make progress,”

However, standardized measurements to assess the environmental impact of companies are still lacking. ESG foundational data is still collected through company responses to a Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) survey. RS Metrics ESGSignals provides asset-level environmental metrics for over 1000 companies, across GHG Emissions, Water Stress, Fire Risk, Land Usage, that can be integrated across rating agencies, data aggregators, and specialized data providers.

Emissions of methane have been increasing rapidly over the past decade. Monitoring and measuring the largest emitters, will ultimately lead to reducing methane emissions and meet short-term climate goals. From an asset manager's perspective, tracking asset-level methane emissions by a company can be used as part of an ESG filter criteria to exclude and include select companies based on the intensity of emissions. This bottoms-up, ground-truth analysis is how we can effect change at a company level and reduce emissions intensity across the portfolio.

RS Metrics is undertaking the world's first global asset-level emissions study. Would you be interested in learning more about how we use satellite analytics to derive emissions usage or discuss sponsorship tiers?

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