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On-Demand Webinar — AI in Banking: A Double-Edged Sword

AI promises to make banking and compliance more efficient and effective

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AI promises to make banking and compliance more efficient and effective. At the same time, it has enabled fraudsters to be 10x more productive from anywhere in the world. Can we really use AI in our day job? Will AI be a force for good in banking, or will it simply increase financial crime and make compliance harder to manage than ever before?

Join us on January 18, 2024 at 1:00 pm ET for a Banking-Exchange hosted webinar with Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine. We'll explore the dual role of GenAI in banking with insights and stories from the field. Topics we'll discuss:

  • How Fraudsters are using AI in fraud and scams
  • Ways that Banks and FIs can counter these threats
  • How GenAI is improving compliance operations
  • The Advantages that GenAI will bring to banking
  • Where does GenAI help in banking and where can traditional machine learning suffice?

Please note: All registrants will receive a copy of the webinar playback.



Soups Ranjan
Soups Ranjan,
CEO and co-founder of Sardine

Soups Ranjan is the CEO and co-founder of Sardine, a behavior-based fraud prevention platform that uses machine learning and AI to stop scams, safeguard payments, and automate KYC/AML compliance.

Prior to Sardine, Soups was the Head of Financial Crime at Revolut and the Head of Risk at Coinbase. He holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University, where his thesis was on scaling web services to handle cyber threats and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

Drawing on his expertise using machine learning to fight fraud over the past 15 years, Soups founded Sardine to build the smartest platform for financial crime prevention. Sardine has emerged as a leader in fraud and compliance with over 250 global enterprise customers and world-class investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Visa, Experian, and FIS.

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