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The Definitive Guide to a Modern Core Banking Partnership

Addressing Today’s Demand for a Modern Core Platform the heart of your bank’s operations, your enterprise core platform is the key to long-term viability, determining your capacity to digitally transform and adapt with the latest technologies.

And the need to adapt has never been more pressing. Banking technology is evolving rapidly:

  • More consumers use digital channels to interact with their bank than ever before, with some never setting foot in a branch.
  • Open banking is rewriting the relationship between banks and technology providers, expanding the possibilities for innovative financial services through API connections.
  • Cloud computing technology continues to grow, with more IT infrastructure housed in the cloud every year.
  • Process automation through AI and machine learning enables greater efficiency and cost-saving in several areas, including regulatory compliance and customer service.
  • Data analytics grow ever more sophisticated and pervasive, giving businesses a fuller view of their customers, target markets, and business performance.
  • From smartwatches to digital assistants, the Internet of Things has radically expanded where, when and how consumers can interact with your bank.

Your bank needs a flexible core that keeps pace with innovation and furthers your unique business strategy to compete in this changing market. This report guides you through what to look for.

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