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S&P Global Market Intelligence, formerly S&P Capital IQ and SNL, is the premier provider of breaking news, financial data, and expert analysis on business sectors critical to the global economy. This article originally appeared on the SNL subscriber side of S&P Global's website. Older articles published under the original SNL Financial name can be found here.

JPMorgan Chase to expand in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.
Lending return growth gaining, for now, over funding cost growth
Consumer activists, BSA woes clouding M&A space
U.S. superregional banks had noisy Q4'17 due to new law
Eying additional mortgage packages after 2017 success
Will under $200 million banks disappear?
U.S. banks spend some tax savings on pay bumps in fight for top talent
Matters requiring attention, bank regulators' informal red flag, up for reform
Mid Penn, First Priority Financial to merge in $82 million deal
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