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McKinsey warns on the elevated risk of increased losses as the pandemic-induced unemployment rate rises
Technology companies have continued to roll out new or enhanced services for corporate and individual customers
Fraudsters have significantly expanded phishing campaigns to include COVID-19 messaging
Accelerating growth in use of Apple Pay and similar services will see market hit $416 billion by 2024, research shows
$248 billion has already been loaned to small businesses across the US, according to new data
Rapid growth is being accelerated by measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19
More than half a trillion real-time payments are expected to be processed over the next five years, according to ACI Worldwide
Square announced last week that the FDIC has approved its application of its banking subsidiary Square Financial Services
Not only are mobile payments more efficient, a cashless society can be healthier
A new entrant is aiming to capitalize on Canada’s growing credit card market and challenge the dominance of the top five banks
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