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Definitive Guide To A Successful Core Partnership

Market trends and best practices for choosing and implementing the right core solution for your bank.

Definitive Guide To A Successful Core Partnership

When it comes to choosing a core solution for their institution, bankers have a difficult choice to make. The core is the heart of your bank’s operation, and you only go through the selection, at best, once a decade. And with technology changing rapidly, banks need a core platform that keeps pace with innovation and enables their institution’s unique business strategy.

Change is hard, and the challenges banks face when making a core decision are real: the cost and time involved in the selection process, stagnation due to a reluctance to change, poor service from providers that don’t share the same values and loss of market share due to technology that prevents seamless customer experiences. When it comes to picking the right core solution, the stakes are high. However, there’s much to gain when banks look beyond the short-term disruption and focus on the long-term benefits.

That’s why the Definitive Guide to a Successful Core Partnership was created for banks. Using insight from industry analysts, consultants and implementation pros, we’ve compiled this easy-to-use reference on the elements necessary for making a decision on core processing technology. You’ll find a wide range of topics covered, from knowing when it’s time to change cores and conducting your search, to best practices for implementation and adoption.  

We hope the guide supports your bank’s efforts in selecting the right core provider for your institution.

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