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Best Practices for Deploying e-Signatures to the Bank Branch

Direct experience of multiple banks covered in detailed paper on implementing e-signature technology

Best Practices for Deploying e-Signatures to the Bank Branch

Many banks associate e-signatures first and foremost with self-serve channels, but the biggest ROI for the technology is in the branch. A white paper from eSignLive provides a standardized methodology for deploying e-signatures in branches.

OneSpan interviewed business and IT stakeholders from U.S. Bank, BMO, RBC, OneMain Financial, a top 4 bank, a top 50 bank, ARGO Data and more.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this 14-page white paper:

• Select the right product to start with: Approach this through a data-driven exercise

• Involve the right stakeholders: Nine people will be critical to the success of your project

• Visualize the transformation: To gain buy-in, provide a clear understanding of what a signing ceremony is and how it can improve customer experience

• Focus on the MVP: Start simple with your Minimum Viable Product and build out additional functionality in increments

• Work with your existing infrastructure: Only 4 baseline components are required to support e-signature in the bank branch

• Prepare deployment: Recommendations for the Quality Assurance (QA) environment, pilot and progressive roll-out

• Support change management: Staff must learn a new way of doing business—which may surprise some as the bigger challenge

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