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Transforming the Signature

E-signature Vendors in Banking 2017

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  • Written by  Celent, and made available by eSignLive by VASCO
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Transforming the Signature

Four factors are propelling the e-signature market to broad consensus about its value and enhanced applicability in banking. These are: 1. Emergence of global regulations and standards; 2. Banks aggressively looking for ways to improve operational efficiency; 3. Consumers used to electronic signatures; and 4. Benefits outweigh concerns about legal risks.

As a result, offerings from e-signature vendors are beginning to encompass complete digital transformation solutions.

This in-depth report, written by Celent and made available by eSignLive by VASCO, gives a detailed look into the differences of several major e-signature solutions. It examines the technology and offers recommendations for banks looking to invest in such solutions.

In this 33-page report you will find:

• Potential use cases for e-signatures in banking

• The 7 capabilities found in a complete e-signature solution

• A review of deployment options, access methods, e-signature approaches, and security features

• An Appendix detailing several e-signature vendors

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This case study is brought to you by: eSignLive by VASCO

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