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A Branch Transformation Survival Guide

How to Create a More Customer-Centric Branch Experience

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A Branch Transformation Survival Guide

Technology is rapidly changing the way consumers interact with financial institutions. Data show that the same consumers who embrace the convenience of online and mobile banking still visit the branch—just not as often. To meet changing client needs, branches must provide a more customer-centric experience. At the same time branch transformation must also take the organization's needs into account as well—allowing for cost reductions to support new initiatives, continued growth, and profitability.

The branch is not going away, but how business gets done there is changing. When branches shift their focus from time-consuming transactions, they are able to reallocate resources to consultative services that better support customers and generate revenue.

In this eBook from Cummins Allison, you will learn:

• Three steps to help define your strategy to create a more meaningful branch experience

• How technology can streamline basic branch functions—e.g. deposit processing—to free up staff time for more valuable interactions

• How self-service coin machines in the lobby can improve staff efficiency and increase branch traffic

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