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Today's Branch Strategy Determines Your Institution's Future

Branch Transformation: The Three Essentials for Creating the Optimal 21st Century Branch Experience

Today's Branch Strategy Determines Your Institution's Future

Advancing technology has irrevocably altered the banking industry, leaving the traditional branch in its wake. If you hope to wait out the disruption, be forewarned: smart technology continues to change behaviors and expectations of all consumers from baby boomers to millennials.

Now is the time to figure out how to transform the branch into the modern customer-centric environment that multi-generational consumers are demanding. To complete that transformation, financial institutions must adeptly combine people, place and technology.

Each of these three essential elements is covered in detail in this white paper from CSI:

1. Transforming Your Branch Staff to Meet Changing Consumer Expectations—a look at the advantages and challenges of the “universal banker” model

2. Redesigning Your Branch Layout to Create Interactivity and Energy—each institution must decide how to make the branch more of a destination and less of a transaction center.

3. Leveraging Technology to Improve the Customer and Employee Experience—technology is changing from an expensive challenge to a potent enabler.

The white paper also covers two banks’ success in transforming their branches.

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