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Omnichannel Banking in a Seamless Society

How integrated technology is driving elevated customer expectations in banking and beyond

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Omnichannel Banking in a Seamless Society

If you’re one of 75 million Netflix customers, you understand omnichannel. When you watch a movie on your smart TV, pause it, and then, two days later, go to watch it on your tablet on a flight to Dallas, Netflix asks if you’d like to resume where you left off. It will also suggest other movies you might like based on your previous usage.

As explained in a white paper from CSI, that kind of consistency and knowledge across platforms has created high expectations among consumers for all the services they deal with, including financial services. Even more important: customers can and will abandon products or companies when they fall short of these higher expectations.

With banks, a true omnichannel experience spans all platforms including branches and call centers, in addition to digital. Branch staff, for example, should know and understand the same things about the customer that the bank’s mobile app would. Yet many institutions—as many as two thirds—do not have this degree of consistency.

In this white paper you will learn:

• The importance of using the same predictive analysis across all channels

• How social media amplifies both positive and negative experiences

• Why other channel technologies, such as voice banking, can enhance customer experience

• What tools can help FIs achieve omnichannel integration

Download the white paper Omnichannel Banking in a Seamless Society



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