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For What It's Worth *

Written by John Byrne | 31/01/2013 - 19:00 |

Trends and issues in AML from the MENA region, plus general musings

It's time to focus harder on what matters

Part 6, concluding Jeff's mergers and acquisitions series: Handling due diligence--and who it protects

Increasingly even the "simple" issues seem to require a "master chef"

Can you be counted on in a crunch?

"Frequently" best describes how often I am asked why a banking consultant attends the International Consumer Electronics Show, and my answer is always the same. The CES is relevant to banking and our future.

International CES is the space where time speeds up!  As you tour the exhibit hall you quickly realize that no matter what you thought, tomorrow has already passed you by.

"Voice of the Customer" can draw on unconventional resource

Everyday compliance depends on staff getting it right--and just "getting it"

Fifth in a series: Maximizing shareholder return once clock starts


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